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1. What is NCF?

NCF is the umbrella organization for all the Nepalese coffee organization, businessman & co-operatives involved in coffee industry. It was established as central committee in 2054 B.S. (1997) & since 2061 B.S. (2003) it has been running as an association. This institute mainly works for institutional development, coffee production, processing technology, advertisement & marketing. It has also been working jointly with government of Nepal, private sectors, social organizations & industrialists for policy development & implementation

2. What does NCF do?

The objectives of NCF are:-

• To produce, process and manage markets for coffee and help provide different short term, mid-term and long term planning.
• To provide necessary research, trainings, visit, etc. to promote coffee producers, professional organizations and cooperatives in order to achieve international standard in production and processing of coffee. NCF is committed to bring together participants who are committed to addressing sustainability issues in the coffee sector. This means that any organisation or individual can join and become involved. Members of NCF can be coffee farmers, importers, exporters, traders, roasters and retailers as well as civil society organisations – such as non-governmental organisations, public institutions, research organisations and individuals who are committed to the overall development of the coffee sector of Nepal

3.How to become the member of NCF?

Choose Your Membership: Explore our membership options and select the one that suits your aspirations within Nepal’s coffee industry.

Complete the Form: Fill out the membership application form with your details, providing us with the necessary information.

Review and Confirm: Take a moment to review your chosen membership level and its associated benefits before proceeding.

Secure Payment: Make a secure online payment to finalize your membership. Welcome to NCF – your journey with us begins!”

Welcome to NCF: Once your payment is processed, you officially join our vibrant coffee community. Get ready to unlock a world of opportunities and collaborations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance throughout the process. We look forward to having you as a valuable member of NCF!”

We’re Here to Help You

1. NCF has had a long history working directly with farmers, processors and traders for a long time and has a chain of capable and certified technical members. Hence these expertise and experiences of NCF can be used at any given time and place by members who want to expand their knowledge and business in the coffee sector of Nepal.

2. NCF has time and again been providing technical assistance and trainings at various levels from central to field level. Hence members are always welcome to be a part of these programs.

3. NCF has been actively participating in various national and international exhibitions related to coffee and have created an image of its own. Hence members are always welcome to be a part of such events.

4. NCF has been creating opportunities with international traders in all of its international exhibitions and hence these resources can be utilized by it members at any given time.

5. NCF is an organization that has been actively involved in the coffee sector for more than three decades, hence any fellow members (individuals or civil society organizations) can have access to resources related to coffee sector for research as well as implementation of projects related to coffee sector.

6. NCF has the right and ownership of “The Himalayan Specialty coffee” which is an internationally recognized logo. Hence our members can use this logo under the strict supervision of NCF.

7. NCF is also an active member of Specialty Coffee Association of America. Through the reference of NCF, members can also apply for the membership of Specialty coffee Association of America.

8. NCF can also assist its member in having their product (Coffee) lab tested internationally to know more about their product and get an international certificate about their product.

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