Recent International Events

COTECA Hamburg

COTECA Hamburg was a 3-day event held from 7 to 9 September 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Some 3600 trade visitors came to Hamburg to find out about the products and innovations, and to attend the accompanying presentations and workshops. Visitors were highly satisfied with the events: 91% praised the quality of information available, 93% highlighted the opportunities for comprehensive expert discussions and exchange of views, and 90% said they were pleased with the very good opportunities to gain and cultivate international contacts. Similarly, NCPA along with its Member traders also attended this event and has been a fruitful event in connecting the traders with potential European buyers in the days to come.

Global Specialty Coffee Expo

GLOBAL SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPO was a 4-day event held from 19 to 22 April 2017 in Seattle, USA. As a member of the Specialty coffee Association of America since 2016, NCPA along with the member traders made its presence for the second time in the Global specialty coffee expo in 2017. This event has been very fruitful for our trader members in connecting to potential buyers and similarly our traders had their sample tested for specialty coffee and the results were very exciting. Similarly SCA has also taken steps to ensure the presence on NCPA and its member traders to take part in various courses like Roasting, Q-grading, cupping and other issues related to Specialty coffee to ensure the future of Nepalese Specialty coffee.

Nepal Coffee Producers Association has an online form which interested parties or individuals can download. The form can be submitted via the company email or directly to the main office